Consent Manager


SSIX project makes use of data retrieved from social media services, such as Twitter, Facebook, StockTwits and LinkedIn, as well as the most reliable and authoritative newswires, online newspapers and blogs.

To guarantee a transparent and ethical usage of the data collected and processed, a dedicated Data and Business Ethics Board has been instituted, which role is to supervise the activities of the consortium and address any ethical issue derived from them.

Given the nature of personal data approached in SSIX, the consortium has agreed to the following framework and procedure for managing the use of personal data:

  1. All data collected is publicly available.
  2. Personal sensitive data is anonymised at the source (by not downloading information such as name, address, age, sex, photos, date of birth, etc.).
  3. SSIX use case partners are responsible for cleaning any personal data that slips through the automated anonymisation process.
  4. In the exceptional case where any partner requires personal data for their work, the partner will need to forward an official request to the SSIX Data and Business Ethics Board.

In the total respect of personal privacy, the following Consent Manager is provided as a tool to explicitly ask SSIX project to prevent tracking data for specific social accounts. The request is controlled by the Data and Business Ethics Board, which will receive immediate e-mail notifications and will subsequently react to them promptly.

The security of the data collected and stored is guaranteed by appropriate measures. 3rdPLACE S.r.l. is responsible for maintaining the systems where the data is stored: access to these systems is restricted only to a limited group of authorized 3rdPLACE's employees, upon the usage of proper credentials and/or SSH keys. The data is automatically encrypted at the storage level.

The data collected is not shared with any third party outside the SSIX consortium, unless preventively anonymized and upon approval of the Data and Business Ethics Board

The full SSIX Privacy is available here.

Automatic opt-out

You can use the following buttons to automatically communicate to SSIX your user IDs on the platforms we are retrieving data from and for which you do not want your public data to be used by SSIX project. Note that you must give access to the apps in order to use this feature.

Prevent SSIX from tracking my public tweets

Prevent SSIX from tracking my public posts

Both the SSIX Twitter and Facebook apps have one-time access to the users account but due to Twitter and Facebook's application settings, the SSIX Consent Manager apps will remain in the users apps page. The apps don't continue to access the users an account, but if the user prefers they can remove them manually.

To authorize and revoke access to the SSIX apps, you can follow this guide.

Send request

Alternatively, you can use the following form to send your request. The Data and Business Ethics Board (DBEB) will take care of your inquiry.
Additionally, you can send an email directly to